Is Forex Trading Gambling? The Answer Might Shock You

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Forex is gambling

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Forex is Gambling, right?

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Just had my first profitable month!

I just wanted to share here because I feel like i can’t share this anywhere else without being told “Forex is gambling” etc etc.
I have been trading for only about 3 months. (End of September). Luckily my introduction into Forex was by meeting 3 guys that have been trading since they were teenagers and now all trade full time. They have sped up my learning curve immensely.
My first month I lost about $70, the second month I made about $30. But after really learning some key things and growing my confidence to risk 3% per trade instead of just $25 or so like I was before I made $2134 this month.
Im honestly just happy for myself and wanted to share here.
Cheers! And enjoy the weekend!
Edit:added some of the trades that I took this Pat week in the comments.
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Forex trading is glorified gambling.

Forex traders are basically the same as a gambling addict down at the bookies, they sit and watch a screen all day to guess if the movement is up or down with a little bit of 'analysis' here and there, similar to picking out the best horse in a race.
I've had a go myself and I get it, who doesn't want to see big numbers in green writing?
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How much of a gamble is forex?

I was in an Uber and the Uber driver was yelling at me “OTC forex is a lie they are trading against you!!! It’s not the real market it’s impossible to make money” and now I’m worried that if I enter the market there’s no hope of making consistent money what’s your opinions?
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Am I on the right way - is always a worthy question. #gambling #tradeplan #newrelease #forex #trader #traderpulse

Am I on the right way - is always a worthy question. #gambling #tradeplan #newrelease #forex #trader #traderpulse submitted by traderpulse to u/traderpulse [link] [comments]

Is trading the forex considered gambling?

Is trading Income(Forex) in New Zealand considered as gambling Income?
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If you believe the system is rigged, then you're not going to believe you can clinch success. And if you don't believe you're going to do it, you're not going it. #forex #gambling #forexeducation #loss #forexmoney #trading #tips #wetalktrade

If you believe the system is rigged, then you're not going to believe you can clinch success. And if you don't believe you're going to do it, you're not going it. #forex #gambling #forexeducation #loss #forexmoney #trading #tips #wetalktrade submitted by Wetalktrade to u/Wetalktrade [link] [comments]

If you believe the system is rigged, then you're not going to believe you can clinch success. And if you don't believe you're going to do it, you're not going it. #forex #gambling #forexeducation #loss #forexmoney #trading #tips #wetalktrade

If you believe the system is rigged, then you're not going to believe you can clinch success. And if you don't believe you're going to do it, you're not going it. #forex #gambling #forexeducation #loss #forexmoney #trading #tips #wetalktrade submitted by Wetalktrade to u/Wetalktrade [link] [comments]

Forex Trading Is Not Gambling

Forex Trading Is Not Gambling submitted by smoljanovic to Publish0x [link] [comments]

High risk investment advice for people with nothing to lose.

One of my hobbies is high risk investing. A better name for my personal investment strategy might be apocalyptic investing. I've had it happen twice now that a company I was dealing with collapsed the day after they sent me my money.
-I'm not going to tell you what to invest in, because that's not really that interesting and as with any investment, as I could be horribly wrong. I would rather tell you what stupid mistakes to avoid. I will however tell you my rationale behind my own personal decisions.
-Mainstream analysts are too optimistic. The conspiracy/very angry and disenfranchised/doomsday crowd tends to be too pessimistic and too optimistic about their own solutions. The golden mean lies somewhere in between. What you need to look for are valid holes that the very angry crowd manages to poke in mainstream projections for the future, as these are predictions that the market generally hasn't filtered out yet. Example, Paul Ehrlich had a valid point when commenting on the fact that we are running out of resources. His predictions were however simply about twenty years off. His own bias caused him to prematurely announce the end of the world.
What this means for me in practice is that I seek to invest in fat tails, that is, extreme outcomes that are perceived as unlikely but whose effects are extreme. As humans we fail to anticipate extremely disrupting events, we have a bias in favor of business as usual. When we do see an extremely disrupting event on the horizon, we tend to look for excuses to deny the threat in front of us. This is especially true for the majority of large actors on the market, people who are invested in the status quo and expect solid yearly returns, when a market is predominantly composed of such people, inefficiencies show up, especially as pessimistic people generally don't have the amount of wealth to fix such inefficiencies in the market.
Mark Spitznagel pioneered this approach to investment. It's a form of investing where radical environmentalism, libertarianism and paranoia intersect (kind of like this username I guess). It's not a very popular style of investing, as it only appeals to people who should probably be on Prozac for their own good. By staying obscure it manages to stay profitable, which brings us to the first point:
-The wise man does at once what the fool does finally. This is true for most investments. When everyone's talking about it it's time to get out.
-Daytrading Forex is gambling, and gambling is a tax on idiots. Not going to waste anymore words on that.
-If something is heavily promoted it's because those doing the promoting profit from it, not you. Example, Forex. Why do you see ads everywhere telling people to trade daily price moves on USD/JPY or USD/EUR etcetera? Because that's how brokers make money. Many people making many trades daily allows them to charge for every single trade. It's a massive scam and I would really urge everyone to stay out of it.
-Most technical analysis is bunk, avoid it. The irony is that the technical analysis that isn't bunk becomes bunk, because the market will correct itself for it. Such daily inefficiencies are mostly fixed by high frequency trading algorithms and experts at professional banks.
-The efficient market hypothesis is bunk too. Market inefficiencies do happen. The efficient market hypothesis is not consensus among economists at all and especially since the start of the great never-ending recession it has come under attack, as governments had too much faith in the market as a self-regulating complex system. Companies pursue never-ending growth of their activities, bet on their success in pursuing such never-ending growth and when they turn out to be wrong hope to be bailed out.
-Efficient market hypothesis proponents believe that sticking your money in an index fund is practically always the best decision. Problem being that was true in most of the past, but it has also been awfully wrong at times. There have been plenty of times where you had to wait twenty years or more to see your money back. In the current situation, sticking your money in the SP 500 seems a very poor decision. Mark Spitznagel tells people that the best decision regular folks can make now is to simply step out of the market and I think he's right.
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Forex Trading Is Not Gambling

Forex Trading Is Not Gambling submitted by smoljanovic to Publish0xSmo [link] [comments]

Forex is not a gamble

Please stop telling people that investments or currency trading are a gamble. They are not. If you don’t know how to trade profitably, please stay quite. It’s people like this that keep the learning community toxic!
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Is Forex Trading Gambling?

This is a question that is asked a lot and there are many different answers to it. There are also quite a few different ways to look at the question. One way is extremely simple, it is just to ask "Are you a gambler?" If the answer is "Yes", for you Forex trading is gambling. If it is "Maybe", most likely also gambling.

What about those who are more risk conscience, though? Is it still gambling even if you are prudent and use good risk control? After all, it is betting on the direction of the market and that is fundamentally betting on an unknown outcome. This can be defined as gambling.

The way I always like to frame this question is; Does a casino gamble?

They do! On every spin of the wheel, every turn of a card and every yank of a one armed bandit, the casino gambles. It is completely random chance whether or not they will win or lose (even lose BIG) on any one bet they take. Casinos know the law of large numbers. This is what their entire model is based on. They know what the statistical chance of them winning and losing is, they make absolutely no attempt to win all the time. They know they can not. Instead, they ensure they have maximum bet sizes and jackpot payouts so they cap the amount they can lose.

The casino can lose any spin of the wheel, but they are astonishingly unlikely to lose over 100,000 spins of the wheel.

Understanding a casinos success requires understanding of the concept that the casino is not playing to win on any given day, only to be sure to survive each and every day so as to be able to play again the next. They know if they do this, they eventually win. If you walked into a casino with $1 million and wanted to place it all on black, the casino would turn you away. If you walked in with a $1 million wanting to place $1 on black a million times, the casino would set up a suite for you and hand you a lunch menu.

Through this, casinos have taken what is on each individual event gambling and turned it into a business model. Such is the challenge of a trader if they are to be long term successful. You do this through good strategy development (L2A), flawless execution of strategy (L2A) and suitable risk control (L2A).

If you are doing all these things, and you have developed a strategy that has a statistical edge with which you are able to trade over and over until the law of large numbers can take effect, to me the discussion of whether or not trading is gambling becomes really a matter of semantics. You can say it is and say it isn't and both are basically playing with words. You are taking risks to get a return and these are speculative risks. Are speculative risks was a quantifiable edge still gambling? I'll leave it to the word-smiths to figure that out.

My response to this question would be that when you enter into trading, you have two choices. You can be the house, or you can be the punter. You can look to be taking advantage of a known edge, or you can be hoping to be lucky. It takes both of these groups to make a casino, as it does a market. Choose your side.

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Is forex gambling?

The deeper I get into trading, the more and more it feels a lot like gambling. No one really knows the outcome of a trade, no matter how much analysis you do. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm trying not to get discouraged about trading, I'm still new and learning, and want to keep learning.
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Forex, stocks and commodity trading is gambling or can u trade for living?

I thought that trading means quick money but three years of trading has changed my thoughts. I know everything I need to trade but still I wanna ask depending solely on trading forex us good or not
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GAMBLING & FOREX - Is Forex gambling? In short, yes! Why do I say this, well, the definition of gambling is to ‘take...

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Lost $10,000 gambling on forex? The real money is in butts, says helpful redditor

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My boyfriend is starting Forex. I think it’s a “get rich quick scheme”. Please teach me about the reality of it.

Hi. So I like to call myself a big skeptic of all things “get rich quick”. I’ve always hated MLM’s and other sorts of marketing businesses. I’ve seen many people and heard many stories of people losing thousands and I’ve always been super skeptical about them. However, my boyfriend, let’s call him Cody, has become interested in Forex. He has been a partner with Primerica for a while now but hasn’t done anything with that. He is a manager at a gym here and makes decent money from that. He was approached by a friend to start working with Forex. When I heard about this, I was shocked, just because I’ve heard horror stories about Forex. When I look up reviews online, all I see is people losing money. When I spoke to his friend to see what this is all about, all I got was attacked and hated on for being a “non-believer”. He essentially just said that people who lose money are lazy and don’t even try. I am genuinely curious in learning more and want to be more educated in this. From what I’ve read, it depends a lot on gambling and knowing a lot about the craft. Cody is convinced he will earn $40,000 (approximately) by February doing 6% everyday excluding weekends (I have no clue what that means but I know that’s what he’s doing). I want to know if and how this is actually a legit endeavor or if he’s just delusional. Please, no attacks, I want serious, informative answers. Thanks so much.
TL;DR: my bf is starting Forex and I think it’s a scam, how legit is it?
Edit: I told him that if he actually does make that $40,000, I’ll apologize for my skepticism and not question this typa shit anymore. We’ll see 🤷🏼‍♀️
Edit: He works all day with no break and gets home at 11-12 and gets EXHAUSTED. He goes to sleep at like 1 every night and spends that free time watching tv. Nothing wrong with that I just don’t see how he has time to do this stuff. From what I’ve gathered, this has to be done in the afternoon and takes a while.
Update: So I spoke to him and mentioned all the advice y’all have given me here. He said he is already doing research but he’s down to join an MLM. He says “everything is an MLM, college, businesses, everything”, which is ridiculous to me but ok. I’m scared for him but I guess there’s not much I can do. He’s writing all this advice off as idiots that had a bad experience even though most people here have said that they have had ups and downs. He also says I’m being super negative and the least bit supportive. Idk what to do😕
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Always Gamble on an Empty Stomach: Hunger Is Associated with Advantageous Decision Making; - RePost from r/Science for all you Gamblers in the Forex Markets

Always Gamble on an Empty Stomach: Hunger Is Associated with Advantageous Decision Making; - RePost from Science for all you Gamblers in the Forex Markets submitted by ChitchIII to Forex [link] [comments]

Undefeated roulette tricks vs forex?

i'm new in this forex stuff (not even starting yet) & first time visiting Forex. But i've read that forex basically gambling (guessing either it goes up or down, and you got previous data as reference). I'm also read about foolproof gambling tricks that works in real life roulette. Basically it goes like this :
  1. bet $1 on red - if you win, repeat step 1.
  2. if you lose, bet $3. if you win, repeat step 1.
  3. if you lose again, bet $6. if you win, repeat step 1.
  4. if you lose again, bet $14. if you win repeat step 1.
  5. if you lose again, bet $31. if you win, repeat step 1
so, can this be apply on forex trading? (there's lot ads about forex trading apps, thinking to try it) can't profit big, but seem cant lose either. might be a good strategy. any thought?
edit 1 : what i mean in this forex is binary options, which some forex trading apps operates.
edit 2 : it takes 5 unlucky trading before $55 account blown off. is that really common to get 5 unlucky trading in a row?
edit 3 : here's the math (cnp from reply)
some forex apps (like expert option or olymp trade) operate on binary option (this is unregulated securities?) where usually they give 80% return on trade. the math goes like this :
  1. $1 trade and win = $0.80 profit
  2. lose then $3 trade and win = $2.4 - $1 (lose) = $1.4 profit
  3. lose then $6 trade and win = $4.8 - $4 (lose) = $0.8 profit
  4. lose then $14 trade and win = $11.2 - $10 (lose) = $1.2 profit
  5. lose then $31 trade and win = $24.8 - $24 (lose) = $0.8 profit
edit 4 : some reply said **binary options type forex trading apps** are scam & fraud. bummer. maybe trading via smartphone isnt easy as i thought.
edit 5 : still, add some ability to reading indicator & chart could help avoiding 5 unlucky trading in a row. damn, if i'm a programmer, i'll make a trading bots based on this idea xD

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Whether Forex Trading Is Legitimate Investing or Over-Hyped Gambling

Whether Forex Trading Is Legitimate Investing or Over-Hyped Gambling submitted by HowForexTradingWorks to Forex [link] [comments]

Is Forex Gambling? The Harsh Truth! Forex is a SCAM and GAMBLING!! ( Here is why ) # ... Is forex gambling - is forex a scam - Biaheza forex IS FOREX TRADING GAMBLING? Is Forex gambling - YouTube

What Is Forex & Is It Not Just Gambling? There has been an explosion in interest in forex trading since the advent of the retail Forex market, which opened up after the internet was born. Example A, Much hype has been made of people making fortunes from forex trading in the retail space. So is it all true, or is it a fabrication, and is it really easy to make money trading Forex? Unfortunately ... Alright, to first delve into the question of forex trading vs gambling, let’s go over what forex trading actually is.. Here’s a summarized description of forex trading straight from the forex authority websites BabyPips and The Balance:. Forex, short for foreign exchange, is a global market where currencies are traded with one another.; It is the most heavily traded in the entire world (a ... When trading Forex, some people have the feeling that they are doing nothing more than gambling. That during their trades, the only real variable is luck, which sometimes acts in favor of them and sometimes leads them to a loss. @ But is Forex trading gambling in real life? To answer this question, one has to understand the underlying mechanisms of both activities and then determine whether ... Although Forex trading is gambling for the newcomer or the untrained investor, it is pure economic science for the expert’s trader. Consequently, the answer to this question depends on the person who answers it and the person who is trading Forex. On one hand, the untrained eye can miss the virtually unlimited potential for Forex trading revenue generation. He may not see a connection ... To answer the question, is Forex trading gambling, we have to break it down by the very definition of what it is to gamble.But before we do that, I want to share a brief outline of the way I used to think about trading and gambling. I remember when I first started trading Forex back in late 2007, a little more than 6 years ago. It could be fair to say that Forex could only be another form of gambling for those using excessive leverage as well as those without experience as newbies. It is not just simply play that there is a significant minority of successful traders who are able to make a profit in the longer run. The fact is that forex is a more simple way of a gamble if you don’t know about trading but remember ... Forex Trading is Gambling Explanation from a 10 year Veteran Trader. Paraphrasing from the words of Ziad “Here’s your likely situation as I see it: For the last few months, and possibly much longer, you’ve just been spinning your wheels while thinking that you are getting somewhere. The reason for this is that you are going about learning how to trade forex in the wrong way.” You ...

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Is Forex Gambling? The Harsh Truth!

Make sure you connect with the right team What's up, its me telling you how forex can be a scam and how it can be gambling, but no it is not... watch the video till the end to understand!! subscribe ... So like many other forex traders was disappointed to hear people saying forex is gambling and that #forex is a scam. This was also the conclusion of one of m... EARN DOLLARS; TRADE FOREX FBS Markets Philippines FOREX TRADING Educator Novelyn Restrivera Almanzor says we can earn dollars like our Asian For more superb educational content please visit our website